Green Chemistry

For decades, the Tintometer® Group has been known as a producer of reagents for water analysis, which are supplied under the brand name Lovibond®. The wide range of applications requires different types of reagents. Also, users tend to have personal preferences as to which dosage system to use. Our broad product range covers blistered tablet reagents, powder reagents packed in aluminium foil and precise dosing liquid reagents in dropper bottles.

With all our reagents, we strive to keep the formulations as environmentally friendly as possible. Hazardous substances are – whenever possible – replaced by harmless and functionally identical substitutes. Where the required chemistry of the detection method makes the use of these substances absolutely necessary, the concentration levels are lowered to the minimum rate, without compromising the accuracy of the analysis results.

For example, our reagents for Pool & Spa water testing are free from boric acid, which is still frequently being used as an additive in the indus- try. The European Union (EU) has classified boric acid as a dangerous substance. The Lovibond® DPD No. 1 tablets are not only 100% free from boric acid, they also guarantee compliance with the buffering effect required by the standard. This characteristic makes the tablet a leader in its field.


Instead of boric acid and OTO " Green Chemistry "
Why abandon substances that have served well and are still used? Because they are harmful to health and endanger the environment! Read what motivated us to change and why the new products are of the same quality.
No pool reagent without the green logo
Lovibond®'s indicators for water control in private and public pools bear the green logo throughout. But it is not only here that our "Green Chemistry" is now setting the tone. They are also used in other applications.
Award-winning courage for new steps
Lovibond® was one of the first to eliminate substances in its reagents that are harmful to health and the environment, thus breaking new ground. A courage that has since been honoured with several awards.