T-CAL®-Standard, 5,00 NTU, 500 ml

Stabilized Formazin Turbidity Standard

  • Save time and eliminate errors - no need for dilution
  • Avoid operator liability related to improper dilutions
  • Use continually for up to 24 months from production
  • Don’t worry about product degradation due to transportation and environmental storage conditions

Eliminate the opportunity for inaccurate turbidimeter calibrations resulting from the improper dilution or handling of Formazin stock solution.

T-CAL® Turbidity Standards are stable Formazin standards prepared in ready-to-use concentrations to ensure accurate turbidity measurements. All concentrations are verified to meet tight quality control specifications, are EPA and ISO compliant for reporting purposes and guaranteed to save you time. As a primary standard, T-CAL® Turbidity Standards can be used to calibrate or verify any manufacturer’s turbidimeter.


Part Number 48012250


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T-CAL Standards Leaflets PDF (0.88 MB)
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T-CALplus / T-CAL Standard 0.3 NTU / 1.0 NTU / 5.0 NTU / 10 NTU