T-CALplus® -Standard, 0.30 NTU, Standard for Verification

T-CALplus® Standards have been specially developed by the Lovibond® experts for process turbidity measurement and on-line PTV process turbidimeters. The pre-prepared, storable turbidity standards based on Formazin primary standards are ready to use in four different concentrations:

  • 5 and 20 NTU standards can be used for calibration
  • 0.3 and 1 NTU standards are ideal for verification of instrument performance

The advantages of T-CALplus® Standards:

  • Stable solution
  • Long shelf life
  • Vacuum sealed bag
  • Prevention of bubble formation
  • Easy to use: Simply press the bag briefly
  • Connection valve for quick connection
  • Safety: The user does not come into contact with the solution
  • Avoidance of measurement errors due to incorrect mixing


Part Number 48010035


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T-CALplus / T-CAL Standard 0.3 NTU / 1.0 NTU / 5.0 NTU / 10 NTU