Time for Economic System Solutions

Water 08.02.2019

High costs, complicated ways and different sources are ubiquitous in your daily work?
Inefficiency and high expense are paralysing you and your team?
Then it’s time for a change! Take a look behind your traditional processes and risk a glimpse at different solutions for water spectral analysis.
The Lovibond® XD Series is the perfect economic system solution for your daily work and annoying obstacles.

Our VIS and UV/VIS instruments deliver significant benefits into your laboratory and offer gains for your workplaces.

It couldn’t be simpler now:
With barcoded and low-prices tube tests you access the right test method automatically. The barcode scanner does the same for all processes with Powder Packs, tablets or liquid chemicals. You can also find the corresponding barcodes on the reagent packages, in our new Lovibond® Handbook of Methods or you can get them on demand for your own SOPs. The XD 7000 and XD 7500 include more than 150 pre-programmed methods – the right one is guaranteed to be there. The instruments identify the common sizes and forms of test tubes, whether round (16 or 24 mm) or rectangular (10, 20, 50 mm), notify the use of the wrong tube or adjust the measurement range. 

The reference beam technology ensures highest precision. The XD supports your measures for analytical quality assurance with user defined calibration reminders and password controls. Everything will be recorded automatically. All of this with intuitive user guidance, global usability with a 24-language device software and a user manual in 27 languages. 
Lovibond® Handbook of Methods offers not only detailed information about the particular method, you also get answers and solutions for frequently asked questions. The integrated barcodes will expedite your working processes noticeably.

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