Lot de filtres AOCS-Tintometer

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Numéro d'ordre 136900

A set of three filters for testing the PFXi 880, 950 or 995 in AOCS-Tintometer scale.

Conformance filters are assigned a nominal value and the company always endeavours to match this value as closely as possible. On occasion, because of the unique manner of the glass making process, it may not be possible to match the requested values exactly. The values achieved and the performance tolerances expected will, of course, always be reported.
Glass Standard Values Valeurs approximatives :
0,5R 1,0Y,
3,7R 13,0Y,
6,6R 50Y
Filters 3
La langue Téléchargement direct
  • 0.5R 1.0Y
  • 3.7R 13.0Y
  • 6.6R 50Y
  • Certificate of Conformity