TB 211 IR

水质分析 30.07.2018

If you cannot see the bottom of your pool any more because of turbidity – it’s time to control your water quality. Microorganisms, algae, sand, dust, sweat, cosmetics: Particularly the current hot weather increases turbidity and contamination. The new Lovibond® Turbidimeter TB 211 IR is a convenient assistant to measure turbidity. Enabling you to check the efficiency of filter systems and flocculation – not only for pool water but also for drinking and wastewater. Its wide measuring range from 0.01 to 1100 NTU allows quick on-site analysis in different areas. The USB-interface and internal memory for 125 data sets simplify the management of your measurement results.
More benefits of the TB  211 IR at a glance:

  • measurement with infrared light at an angle of 90˚ of coloured and colourless liquids
  • easy handling
  • 600 tests without battery change
  • easy calibration with supplied or user-defined turbidity standards
  • Measurements according to EN ISO 7027

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