DI 20 Incubator: A unique helper

The DI 20 Incubator from Lovibond® is undispensable for preparation of samples for microbiological analysis such as Coliforms or E. coli bacteria. With the help of this instrument you can digest samples by temperature. It is the only incubator of its type to come with heating and cooling as standard.


The main features of the DI 20: (dazu diverse Fotos, die Details zeigen)

  • Heating and cooling function for digestion of different kind of samples which need different temperatures for most accurate results possible in the field
  • Makes traditional petri dish microbiology portable
  • Simple self-explaining operation by pictograms
  • Low voltage operation of 12V
  • Automatic switch over from mains to battery if mains power fails
  • LED function indication
  • Push button operation
  • Sample chamber and petri dish carrier to hold 20 petri dishes
  • Resuscitation cycle setting to reactivate or recover bacteria that has been damaged: incubator runs a 30-minute 30° cycle before the required incubation cycle