New Water Safety Kits for Important Potable Water Missions

Água 22.03.2021

The new Water Safety Kits from Lovibond®  accompany you even in difficult environments, transported on your back or in your hand - ready to identify safe drinking water. They are designed for use in disaster situations and for drinking water monitoring directly on site under demanding conditions.
 The robust cases contain everything that is required for reliable drinking water analysis of the most important parameters, from the simple chlorine and pH quick test to the chemical test at the push of a button and the incubator with accurate temperature stability for bacterial tests. 

Be prepared for analysis - especially where there are no laboratories.

Choose the Water Safety Kit for your individual needs:

Water Safety KitAnalysisMeasuring RangeInstrumentTestsHighlightsFlyer
BasicChlorine0 - 3 mg/l ClChlorine-pH Tester
  • Simple chemical test mehods 
  • Equipment for Membrane Filtration
  • Incubator with heating & cooling 
  • Optional backpack
Coliform> 1CFU / 100 mlPlate Count200
Conductivity0.01- 20.00 mSPocket Tester SD 70 Con> 250
E.Coli> 1 CFU / 100 mlPlate Count250
pH value6.2 - 8.2Chlorine-pH Tester270
Turbidity30 - 300 NTUTube test 
Incubator DI 20   
0.02 - 1 mg/l N
Photometer MD 600
  • Combinable with Water Safety Kits Microbiology


Chlorine0 - 4 mg/l ClPhotometer MD 600250
Conductivity0.01- 20.00 mSPocket Meter SD 70 Con250
Nitrate0.08 - 1 mg/l NPhotometer MD 600250
pH Value0 - 14Pocket Tester SD 50 pH250
Turbidity0.01-1100 NTUTurbidimeter TB 211 IR  > 250
Microbiology  DI 20 Incubator   
  • Incubator DI 20 with heating & cooling
  • Set for Membrane Filtration (sterilisable)
  • Combinable with Water Safety Kit Chemical 
  • Optional backpack
Coliform>1 CFU / 100 mlPlate Count200
E.Coli>1 CFU / 100 mlPlate Count200
Microbiology Duo 

 2 DI 20 Incubators


  • 2 Incubators for simultaneous measurement of bacteria which need different incubation temperatures
Coliform>1 CFU / 100 mlPlate Count200
E.Coli>1 CFU / 100 mlPlate Count200
CombinedWater Safety Kit Microbioloy & Water Safety Kit Chemical Download
Combined DuoWater Safety Kit Microbioloy Duo & Water Safety Kit Chemical Download

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