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Welcome to Lovibond

For over 130 years, Lovibond® has specialized in manufacturing analytical products for water quality and color. We are proud to offer testing solutions to our customers in over 160 countries. From easy-to-use visual test kits to complex spectrophotometers, we are confident that you can find a testing solution that fits your accuracy and budget requirements.

Our Goal

We look out for the little things that make a big difference in simplifying analysis. From designing reagent packaging that is easier to open and dispense to designing instruments that work in the laboratory or the field, our goal is to save you time and reduce the chance of measurement errors.

Our Promise

From the water we drink and the food we eat to the everyday products we use, consumers deserve transparency. Lovibond® analytical products deliver accurate results so our customers can produce a safe product for their consumers. We are committed to providing excellent products and customer service.