Oil and Gas

Our products support in-process monitoring as well as downstream processing. The additional benefit: you will consequently always be well-prepared in terms of environmental protection.

Our production has been certified to DIN ISO 9001 so you can always expect the same levels of analysis quality, whether for CSB or chlorine. Carefully verifying each individual processing step creates guaranteed quality and, therefore, reliable equipment and measurements.

Our products support you in a host of ways when mastering many daily challenges such as dosing, preventing deposits in coolant circuits or documenting results.

We take action long before you use our products: our products are developed in close collaboration with our customers. Consequently, we are not only precisely aware of your requirements, we can also always provide you with the applicable solution for your activities thanks to totally bespoke test kits.

Regardless of where you intend to use our products, we make sure you are prepared down to the last detail. And, thanks to our partners around the globe, we are always somewhere near you.