Pool Public

You must always guarantee the following so swimmers visit you regularly: safeguarding hygienically perfect water quality. Auxiliary hygiene parameters, such as pH values or redox, play a paramount role within the context of correct disinfection. Thanks to our products, you will always be aware of all relevant indicators and receive cost-effective support in analysing and complying with statutory specifications.

Consequently, you make sure each visit to the swimming pool is an experience as clear as a mountain stream. As a result you will be able to rely on satisfied swimmers, regular visitors and, therefore, consistent usage rates of your swimming pool.

We aim to make your job as simple and pleasant as possible. For new developments, we can rely on over 130 years of experience and our expertise as market leaders in analysing swimming pool water.

As a result, your water treatment will not only be more efficient thanks to our equipment, but you will also achieve tangible savings in terms of the required treatment agents.