Colorimetry is a way to measure the concentration of substances that absorbs light. In a colorimetric test, a reagent is added to a water sample. If the analyte that a user is trying to detect, like chlorine, is present in that water sample, a color change will occur.  A colorimeter is an instrument used to measure the intensity of that color change and correlates that change to a useful unit of measure for the user– such as mg/l chlorine.

Why is Chlorine Used for Disinfection?

Microorganisms can be found in raw water from rivers, lakes, and groundwater. Not all of these microorganisms are detrimental to human health, however, some can be extremely damaging and may cause diseases in humans.

Chlorination is a chemical disinfection technique that employs a range of chlorine-containing substances for the oxidation and disinfection of water. Chlorine inactivates microorganisms by damaging the cell membranes. When the cell membrane has weakened, chlorine enters the cell, disrupting cell respiration and DNA activity. Depending on the industry, Chlorine disinfection is often used in conjunction with other water treatment processes such as coagulation, filtration and sedimentation that allow water to be safe for public consumption.

Why Use a Chlorine Colorimeter?

To ensure the amount of chlorine being used in treatment is sufficient for disinfection, operators need a reliable testing solution for accurately measuring the amount of chlorine in the water.

Chlorine colorimeters are an electronic, non-subjective, testing solution for determining the concentration of chlorine, or other analytes, in a water sample. Users can choose between single-parameter (or single analyte) instruments, or invest in a multi-parameter testing solution. These instruments are typically designed for portable use, making them ideal for use around a plant, out in the distribution network and other locations outside of the laboratory.

Chlorine Colorimeters from Lovibond

The MD100 Chlorine Colorimeter from Lovibond® is a single parameter instrument for measuring the concentration of Free and Total Chlorine in a water sample. The hand-held design makes it ideal for use outside of a laboratory setting and the simplistic user interface ensures ease-of-use by operators of all levels. The large, backlit display makes it easier to view measurement results clearly, even in low level lighting conditions. Supplied ready-to-use with reagents and other key accessories.

Our most popular model is pre-programmed with two testing ranges (0.02-2 mg/l cl and 0.1-8 mg/l).  It floats, so if it is dropped in a body of water there are no issues with it sinking to the bottom.

To find out more about the MD 100 chlorine colorimeter from Lovibond®, get in touch with the team today.