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World Water Day 2020 with appeal for sustainable water supply

Вода 22.03.2020

It's getting warmer. Deserts are growing, glaciers and ice caps are shrinking, sea levels are rising. At the same time, access to safe drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult. 2.2 billion people worldwide simply do not have access to healthy drinking water. 4.2 billion people even lack access to hygienic sanitary facilities – even in an acute global corona pandemic, in which water and hand hygiene are vital for survival, for example in European refugee camps. This is pointed out by the World Water Day initiated by the United Nations (UN), which today, 22 March, is under the motto "Water and Climate Change".

But climate change has far more effects. If the situation continues to worsen worldwide, there will be a struggle for water resources, accompanied by displacement, economic crises and conflicts. This is why UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in his statement on World Water Day, calls for investment in sustainable water supply, the creation of healthy water catchment areas, an increase in water infrastructure and drastic improvements in the efficiency of water use.

Lovibond® has long supported NGOs and cooperates with organisations such as UNICEF to help people help themselves in crisis regions affected by climate change. Our test kits, Minikits, testing devices and reagents are important tools to control the quality of the available water and thus provide access to safe and healthy drinking water. For example, Lovibond® puts together special test kits specifically designed for drinking water monitoring.

However, our test equipment and reagents are also indispensable when it comes to the general control of water quality and the necessary hygiene in water treatment or wastewater treatment. This is also a problem in many regions of the world where water is scarce and every drop is a precious commodity. Here you will find an overview of our products for drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment.

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