Colour signals for safety at first glance

You don't have to read tedious guidebooks or research measurement tables if you want to measure with the Scuba3s and classify your results correctly. The Scuba3s takes over the evaluation of the water quality for you and already gives you a first indication during the measurement whether your results are "right" or "wrong". The Scuba3s and the associated PoolAssistant app are based on the globally accepted measuring range for safe swimming. If the display of the Scuba3s lights up green when showing the measurement result, the reading "fits" because it is within this measuring range. The pool fun can therefore begin or continue without any worries. The same applies to the display of the measurement results in the PoolAssistant app: The values are marked green accordingly. However, if the display lights up red or the data in the app is marked red, the measurement result is outside the measuring range - it is too high or too low. Then you should take appropriate measures to improve the water quality. 
The light signals are a practical aid for correctly classifying safe water conditions, especially for anyone who is new to water analysis.