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Soporte de cubetas para líquidos para RT300/400/500

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Part Number 400630

The Lovibond® 400630 Liquid Cell Holder is a fixture designed specifically to hold a Lovibond® Optical Cell for liquid measurement by the Lovibond® RT300, 400 & 500 Spectrophotometer Series. The Liquid Cell Holder attaches to the Lovibond® 400620 Benchtop Stand. The Liquid Cell Holder features a black chamber with a white ceramic backing that encloses the liquid-filled optical cell. The Lovibond® Liquid Cell Lid is provided to prevent spillage. Replacement cells are available in packs of 10 (605534).

Measurements taken with the Liquid Cell Holder are intended for relative measurements comparing a standard and a sample batch. The fixed errors resulting from the thickness of the glass and translucency of the samples prevent comparison to an absolute reflectance standard. Extreme care should be taken to prevent the sample liquid from being spilled on the instrument or in the instrument sphere, as this may void your warranty. NEVER FILL THE CELL WHILE IT IS IN THE HOLDER. Care should be taken to ensure the liquid cell and the white ceramic backing are kept clean.