Efficiency in the field with the new SD10 - SD40 Pocket Tester range

Agua 18.01.2024

Our new Pocket Testers are now available. With a completely redesigned look, you are able to measure pH, ORP, conductivity, salt or TDS on site in the blink of an eye. The Pocket Testers, SD 10 pH, SD 20 ORP as single parameter versions and SD30 EC, SD40 Multi as multi parameter versions, can be worn comfortably around the neck or attached to your waistband – walk to the measurement point ¬– pick the pocket tester up – and carry out your regular checks in industrial plants or swimming pools.

The new design makes it much easier to change batteries and electrodes and to take readings than with the old SD series. Plus, the transparent lid not only provides a secure stand for the Pocket Tester in daily use, but also makes it easier to maintain the electrodes. 
A three-colour LED lighting system in blue, green and red and new display symbols make the testers easy to use and intuitive to operate. The use of energy saving LEDs and 4 x AAA batteries greatly extends the life of the new Pocket Tester range to up to 2000 hours. 

Find out more about our new Pocket Tester here.​​​​​​​