New Industrial Water Test Kits: Application specific & professional

Agua 24.04.2023
New Industrial Water Test Kits: Application specific & professional

Uncompromisingly user-friendly – this is how the new Lovibond® Industrial Water Test Kits appear. Measuring instruments, reagents and accessories: The contents of the mobile laboratories are precisely adapted to the respective applications and users. Among them are brand new test kit collections especially for professionals in industrial water treatment. 

The test kit collection from Lovibond®, which has always been highly comprehensive, has thus been significantly streamlined incorporating decades of experience in the design and manufacture of portable kits for use directly on-site. Know-how and expertise that will provide you with valuable support in avoiding problems, damage, breakdowns and ultimately saving time & money with the optimum water quality in your industrial plant.

See the new Lovibond® Test Kits for yourself: 
•    Boiler Water Test Kits
•    Cooling Water & Closed Systems Test Kits
•    Disinfection Test Kits
•    Water Treatment Test Kits
•    Single Parameter Drop Test Kits
•    Non-oxidising Biocides Test Kits

Lovibond® products are sought after by professionals thanks to their proven analytical accuracy and conformity. This is all the more important at present, as the legal requirements for water quality are becoming increasingly comprehensive, especially in industry worldwide. After all, water is becoming increasingly valuable in light of climate change and energy crises. 

On our website you will find all the information and valuable background knowledge about the applications and problems with industrial water, including an knowledge brochure for industrial water.