Óleos e gorduras comestíveis

A medição de cores na indústria de óleos e gorduras é uma parte essencial do processo de refino.  É um meio de avaliar se a cor desejada foi obtida e quando a refinação pode ser interrompida.

Essa capacidade de monitorar regularmente a cor durante o processamento reduz o desperdício de materiais de refino e ainda ajuda a manter a consistência de cor do produto final.

Any Oil Measured to Any Scale
Lovibond® have been measuring color in oil for longer than any other company. As such we have developed systems for visual and automatic color measurement which work reliably for existing standards. If you would like to see for yourself just how easy it is, we can come along and show you.
Need Help? Put us to the test.
If you would like some help with a color matching issue right now, send us a sample of your product or ingredient and we can help you to decide the best method of measurement and color scale to use. We can also provide some advice on color tolerances. Just click below and tell us what you need.
Confused by Color Measurement?
Visual or automatic? Standard Illuminant D65 or D50? Two degree or ten degree standard observer?, CIE L*a*b* or CIE L*c*h*? Metamerism? Often what we want to know is simple simply “how can I ensure my color matches consistently?” So we have put together some free short courses to help you to navigate the path to simple color management and control. If you would like to take a course just click below and create a free account in our Learning Portal (you can use your social media account if you like), your courses will be available immediately.
A Distinguished History in Food and Drink
Lovibond® has its origins in the brewing industry and we have been measuring color since 1880. Joseph Lovibond was the first person in the world to develop a practical colorimeter to ensure the high quality of his beer. He was the originator of the Lovibond® scale. We still use the scale as our company logo today. Still a family owned business but now global, at Lovibond® we value our heritage.