Colour Measurement

A consistência das cores não é um problema...até ser um problema. Depois, o pânico instala-se. A produção pára. O desenvolvimento do produto é atrasado. Os clientes exigem reembolsos. Todas as circunstâncias dispendiosas que são evitáveis. Com Lovibond®, pode ter confiança nas suas medidas de cor e manter a qualidade da produção. Temos vindo a aperfeiçoar as medições de cor há mais de 130 anos. Quer esteja a medir líquidos (transparentes ou opacos), sólidos, pós ou géis, temos as ferramentas para o ajudar a medir a cor e estabelecer especificações de cor para as suas equipas e parceiros.

Take the guesswork out of colour monitoring
Are they the same or are they different? And if different by how much? Visual color perception can be extremely subjective. Our equipment will tell you in seconds, our training courses will help you to develop rigorous colour tolerances which take any guesswork out of color assessment. If you would like to see for yourself just how easy it is, we can come along and show you.
The Right Solution for Your Application
Our portfolio of color analytical solutions is used across many industries in a variety of applications. Whether you are evaluating transmitted color or reflected color measurement to any standard color scale, we have you covered. If you do not see your application, let us know and we will recommend the solution for you.
Need help? Put us to the test.
Are you facing a color quality issue right now? Send us a sample of your product or ingredient! We can help you to determine the best method of measurement, color scale to use and advise on color tolerances. Click below and tell us what you need.
Confused by Color Measurement?
Visual or automatic? Standard Illuminant D65 or D50? Two degree or ten degree standard observer?, CIE L*a*b* or CIE L*c*h*? Metamerism? Often what we want to know is simple simply “how can I ensure my color matches consistently?” So we have put together some free short courses to help you to navigate the path to simple color management and control. If you would like to take a course just click below and create a free account in our Learning Portal (you can use your social media account if you like), your courses will be available immediately.
A Distinguished History in Food and Drink
Lovibond® has its origins in the brewing industry and we have been measuring color since 1880. Joseph Lovibond was the first person in the world to develop a practical colorimeter to ensure the high quality of his beer. He was the originator of the Lovibond® scale. We still use the scale as our company logo today. Still a family owned business but now global, at Lovibond® we value our heritage.