RT320 (0/45) 4, 7 & 15 mm aperture

Versatile Portable Spectrophotometer with Changeable Measurement Ares Mark as favourite

Part Number 400320


  • Interchangeable Apertures: 4,7 & 15 mm / 6.5, 9 and 21.5 mm Target Windows
  • Rechargeable Batter Allows for Remote Usage
  • Easy-To-Read, In-Built Graphical Display
  • Pass/Fail Mode for up to 1,024 Standards with Tolerances / 2000 Samples

The most flexible of portable  spectrophotometers with a choice of aperture sizes and remote-use capability, the RT 320 provides the perfect opportunities for you to measure colour anywhere in your facilities. They are rugged yet accurate and easy to carry so you are ready to measure whenever required.



  • Coatings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Household Products
  • Medical and Clinical Products
  • Plastics
  • The Most Flexible Option of Colour Measurement
    The choice of aperture sizes make this instrument your ideal choice for flexibility. Accommodating measurement ranges of 4,7 & 15 mm means you can choice the optimum solution for your application and sample. The rechargeable battery also means it is perfect for remote use.
  • Convenient Colour Measurement
    This instrument allows you to obtain absolute and differential measurements. It is ideal for situations where Quality Controllers may have different requirements and levels of skill but need to work together to share data and establish consistency across the supply chain. Reducing the colour approval cycle speeds time to market.
  • Easy To Read and Easy To Understand
    The RT 300 features an easy-to-read graphical LCD display and a pass/fail mode that measures against up to 1,024 standards with tolerances that can be stored for easy pass/fail measurement. Regardless on how skilled you are, this feature is a fast way for you to evaluate the colour of an object agains an established standard.
  • Saves Time, Wastage and Costs
    Accurately measuring colour helps you identify any variation in incoming materials, production batches and more, before it's too late.
  • Flexibility in Presented Results
    The wide colorimetric range meets a number of CIE certifications and includes CIE XYZ, CIE Yxy, CIE LAB, Hunter LAB, CIE LCH, CME, CIE94, Whiteness and Yellow. Furthermore, if you are looking for more flexibility in presentation, the RT 320 also provides an interface to RT Colour Software.
  • Enhanced Quality Software Control
    The RT 300 series can be combined with the OnColorTM software package allowing you to download measurement data, analyse in detail and store indefinitely on a PC.

Applicable Standard ASTM 313
ASTM D1925
Colour Type Transparent
Spectral Interval 10 nm - measured; 10nm - output
Measurement Time Approx 2 seconds
Lamp Life Approx 500,000 measurements
Storage Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Spectral Range 400 - 700 nm
Portability Benchtop
Title Scale Path Length Scale Range Scale Resolution Applicable Standard Mark as favourite
Yellowness Index dependant on spectral locus ASTM 313, ASTM D1925
Whiteness Index n/a 0 - 100 ASTM 313
CIE 94
CIE L* a* b n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01 ASTM E308
CIELAB (L*C*h) n/a L*, C*, dependant on spectral locus, 0 - 360° 0.01 ASTM E308
Delta E* colour difference n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
xyY chromaticity co-ordinates 0 - 1 (x,y), 0 - 100 (Y) 0.0001 (x,y), 0.01 (Y) ASTM E308
XYZ Tristimulus 0 - 100 0.01 ASTM E308
Miscommunication of Colour Data
CMC Tolerancing n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
Hunter Lab dependant on spectral locus 0.01
Metamerism Index n/a > 0
Optical density (Absorbance)
Language Direct Download

Sturdy Box Including

  • Instrument
  • Calibration box
  • Universal power supply
  • Instruction manual
Title Glass Standard Values Filters Part Number Mark as favourite

Approximate values

  • x 0.3472
  • y 0.3624
  • Y 82.51
1 131047