About Tintometer

There are very few companies which can look back over a history of over 130 years of success.
The reason we can do so lies in the world-wide appreciation of our products and the determination of our work-force to maintain this.

Cay-Peter Voss, CEO

Water and colour are our life — not just a profession at Lovibond® Tintometer Group.

Without water, life on earth would be impossible. Without colour, life would be gloomy and boring. It is therefore important that we maintain both diligently. With our measuring equipment and verification standards, we are safekeeping both worldwide. We’ve been pushing the boundaries water testing and colour measurement – for over 130 years.

Our measuring equipment, rapid tests and reagents help with reliable, fast and safe analysis to control and guarantee purity and quality of water and colour. In industries, in water works and sewage plants, in swimming pools, environment and in research: Our products are a useful and valuable in most areas of our everyday lives.

Our photometers, electrochemical meters, our turbidity instruments or setups are being used in the field and in laboratories for visual and automatic measurements. By using our powders, tablets or liquid reagents, electrodes, sensors or infrared light sources our products detect impurities in drinking water, help process waste water and monitor biocides and bacteria in ground and surface water. Whether on-line directly within the industrial process or off-line with sample solutions: Our instruments help to avoid corrosions and scale in industrial plants, guarantee safe fun in the swimming pool or ensure compliance to required values.

In petroleum, edible oils, foods, textiles, beverages and cosmetics Lovibond® Tintometer ensures quality with colour control. The implementation of internationally recognised colour scales, colorimeters and comparators also ensure the right colour is met in aviation and medical science as well as in coatings and mineral oils. We are setting standards for analytics – since 1885 with the Lovibond® colour scale.

The strengths of Lovibond® Tintometer Group are progressive, customer-oriented product development, sustained production, a highly flexible distribution and service network as well as first-class customer support. With laboratory instrumentation and chemistry we offer everything from a single source.

Our expertise has developed over 130 years as a family enterprise. Over 370 highly qualified employees deliver the wealth of experience, together with our products and customer service, into 160 countries. This enables us to continue to develop innovative solutions for many essential areas of life.

As premium brand for water and colour analysis we continue on the road of success with our steady growth and innovation and high standard of quality. Together with you as our customer we wish to create a future — where water and colour are even more important. At our company locations in Germany, Great Britain, in USA and India we work closely with our customers to develop new solutions. Our instruments, reagents and customer support are supplied world-wide from our offices in Germany, Great Britain, USA, India, Spain, Malaysia, China and Brazil.

Dive together with us into Lovibond® Tintometer world of water and colours.