DPD Evo Formula

Lovibond® is a pioneer of the DPD method for quick and safe pool hygiene checks. We are also now one step ahead when it comes to your health. Our research and development has reacted faster than the rest of the market to possible health hazards of the ingredient potassium iodide and associated significant sales restrictions with the new Evo formula.

Potassium iodide has recently been classified as hazardous to health by manufacturers. The European Chemicals Agency ECHA has reclassified the DPD ingredient accordingly. Many new regulations now apply when selling products with a high potassium iodide content. With our new Evo formula, we have found an alternative for all users who want relaxed tests for their pool water.


DPD Evo: Safe chlorine check in the public swimming pool without obstacles
What rules now apply to DPD tablets with a classic formula and increased potassium iodide content for the standardised chlorine check in public swimming pools? What exactly lies behind the new Evo formula? Here you can find out all the background information and which new sales restrictions apply to DPD products with conventional potassium iodide
DPD Evo Rapid: The all-round carefree package for the private pool check.
They keep what their name promises: the DPD Rapid Evo tablets from Lovibond® not only have a very low potassium iodide content and are therefore harmless to the health of all private pool users. They can also be purchased by private pool owners without any sales restriction. Here you can find out why it is worthwhile for private pool owners to switch to DPD Evo Rapid.
Keeping things in view: Everything about potassium iodide at a glance
A large number of new regulations now apply to the sale of products containing a certain amount of potassium iodide. We have clearly compiled all the rules and important background information for you and your customers. Just click and download the flyer.
Any questions or requests? We have the contact person
The subject of potassium iodide is complicated and includes many new regulations. We will be happy to help you keep an overview and clarify any open questions. You can also get stickers from us to mark your stocks with our new Evo products. Just contact us.