Get to know the Lovibond® reagents and interesting background information
DPD Rapid Evo: Health safe and available without any problems
With Lovibond® you are always on the safe side at the private pool – long ago! Everyone can use our DPD No.3 Rapid Evo and DPD No.4 Rapid Evo tablets with our rapid tests and test kits without hesitation. Handling the reagents for checking water hygiene is harmless. The reason: the substance potassium iodide, which is now classified as hazardous to health, is only used in small, harmless quantities - even before the official classification.
New labelling for iodides: DPD "Evo" as an alternative
 The health and safety of our customers are important to us! That is why Lovibond® has reacted promptly to the current new hazard classification of potassium iodide. We have developed alternative formulations for DPD No.3 and DPD No.4 tablets so that these products can continue to remain GHS label-free. Of course, reliable analysis results are also guaranteed with these new products.