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COD Set-Ups

Determination of the chemical oxygen demand index (ST-COD)


  • ST-COD sealed tubes ready for use
  • Suppression of chloride interference up to 1000 mg/l (LR & MR) up to 10000 mg/l (HR)
  • Mercury free tube tests,in absence of chloride interference
  • 4 ranges:
    • Low range: 3 - 150 mg/l, meets ISO 15705:2002
    • Middle-low range: 15 - 300 mg/l, meets ISO 15705:2002
    • Middle range: 20 - 1500 mg/l, meets ISO 15705:2002
    • High range: 200 - 15000 mg/l

The Lovibond® COD Setups allow highly sensitive and precise water testing with minimum effort. They measure the ST-COD concentration by photometric detection employing a linear relationship between absorbance and concentration.
After adding the sample to a Lovibond® COD tube test (LR, MR according to ISO 15705:2002), it is heated in the reactor for two hours at 150 °C and then analysed in the photometer.
The COD Setups comprise the photometer, 25 tube tests for each of the two lower measuring ranges, a reactor for sample digestion and a vial stand.

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