Water Safety Kits and their Mission

Take with you what you normally only can investigate with the help of professional laboratories. In situations like disasters, pollution or immediate need of help in rural environments you have no chance and no time to wait for results. The Water Safety Kits from Lovibond® are portable and accompany you, your team and helpers in every situation and ground. 


Our Water Safety Kits help you to save healthy and clean water in

  • disaster situations like earthquakes, floods, droughts or cyclones
  • drinking water related emergencies by natural or man-made disasters especially by disinfected water
  • situations of drinking water source pollution for example by industrial effluents or mining runoffs, sewage contamination by destruction of materials, farm runoff or septic system malfunctions
  • situations which need monitoring and controlling of drinking water in rural environments directly at the source where laboratories are not available 


All our models of Water Safety Kits are fitted with everything which is necessary to determine the most important parameters according to WHO standards. They are nothing less than small mobile laboratories which provide all material you need for accurate results: 

  • Rugged cases which are up to any situation and fit to every hand, but also on the (human or animal) back and on every other vehicle
  • Durable backpacks which carry the lager cases savely through any terrain and release one hand for the second case or any other important baggage 
  • Sampler, Petri dishes and filtration device are all metal to allow sterilization and reuse
  • Digestion of samples by heating and cooling function of the incubator which allows testing of different kind of bacteria simultaneously
  • Portable rechargeable power supply for field testing independent of power grid