Optical system of the XD Series

The optical system of the XD Series spectrophotometers is based on high-quality reference beam optics. It uses a monochromator that works with a grating and reference beam:

The light emitted from light source travels through the entrance slit on the monochromator and is deflected by the grating. This mechanism, along with the limitation after the exit slip, enables the selected wavelength to be accurately reproduced. The semi-transparent mirror deflects the reference beam while allowing the light beam to pass through to the sample in the cuvette. The photodiodes act as detectors and transmit these signals to the microprocessor. The result is calculated and issued as a value in the display.

The advantages are:

  • Less drift and sample heating: "zero water" is stable for a long time, no "zero" measurement is required and saves considerable time
  • Lower operating costs due to Xenon UV lamp compared to devices with deuterium UV lamp: With a power of up to 500 million flashes
  • Fast scans: 700-2000 nm/minute
  • Setting of different scan steps: 1, 2, 5, 10 nm

UV: The device works with the waves of ultraviolet light 
VIS: The device works with the visible waves of light