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China Business Developments and Corporate Relationships

Colour 19.10.2017

Last month, the Lovibond® team in China took pleasure in participating at the “Accelerating 'Made in China 2025’ UK-China Manufacturing Seminar”. This seminar was a joint venture between the China-Manufacturing Industrial Design Institute, the China-Britain Business Council and the British Consulate-General Chongqing, held on June 21 in Sichuan, China.

As a member of the China-Britain Business Council and as a representative of UK companies, The Tintometer® Group was invited to attend and introduce the Lovibond® brand of colour measurement products and their applications. Sunny Yuan, Sales Manager of Tintometer China, explained, “As proud winners of the Queen's Award for Export in 2015, we were very happy to share our experience in developing export markets and, specifically, cooperating with local Chinese companies”. Lovibond® colour measurement products are developed and manufactured in the UK for international export. “As experts in this field, we are happy to advise on all issues regarding colour measurement and take pleasure in doing so on a regional basis” continued Yuan.

The seminar provided an opportunity to exchange ideas with the officers and attendees and explain how the Tintometer® Group could assist local companies to carry out research and quality control. In return, the seminar provided the Group with a better understanding of the trends in Chinese research, product development and manufacturing. The Group now hopes to continue the relationship with the local government and expand interest in its product lines.
This seminar series will continue to rotate to other Chinese cities located within important, strategic, industry areas and The Tintometer® Group is already committed to assist further with its expertise in international commerce.