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More than 400 different test discs available


  • More than 400 different test discs available
  • Compensation for coloured and turbid samples
  • Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards
  • Integrated prism

The Comparator 2000+ is a versatile colorimetric system for water analysis. Comfortable handling, no compromise on accuracy and reproducibility: The Comparator 2000+ can be used for many applications. Swimming pools, research or drinking water treatment are just a few examples.

Title Part Number Mark as favourite
Nessleriser 2150 with stand, Daylight unit and AF 306/P 172030
Nessleriser 2150 with stand 172150
Nessleriser 2150 Upgrade Kit 172160
Nessleriser 2250 with stand, Daylight unit and nessler cylinders DB 420 172040
Nessleriser 2250 with stand 172250
Nessleriser 2250 Upgrade Kit with nessler cylinders DB 420 172170