More than a newcomer: The SD 335 Multi complements the SD series

Water 08.09.2020

The meters of the SD 305 series from Lovibond® not only feature new design with intuitive on-board user guidance, they also receive reinforcement whole new meter. The SD 335 Multi has been specially designed for versatile requirements and simultaneous parameter measurements. A real all-rounder that is at home in all applications and can be adapted to any environment on the move. 

The SD 335 Multi masters all the important parameters for wastewater treatment, pool water control, routine work in specialized laboratories, boiler and cooling water, the treatment of drinking water, the control of water pollution or for research applications. Two parameters and additionally the temperature can be measured simultaneously from a comprehensive range: pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen (concentration and saturation). 

The other features include:

  • galvanically isolated measuring inputs
  • robust armouring incl. 2 electrode holders
  • data logger with up to 8 GB data memory
  • easy data transfer via Micro-USB in CSV format
  • graphical display and intuitive user interface in 7 languages
  • step-by-step calibration
  • multi-parameter display
  • rechargeable NiMH-batteries
  • belt clip for mobile use

The SD 335 Multi is offered in 3 different sets for the most diverse requirements. 

Find out more about the complete SD 335 series on our product page.